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A Highgrove Florilegium drawing by Richard Shirley SmithWith the help of former Head Gardener of Highgrove David Howard, The Prince chose a representative selection of plants in the garden for inclusion in The Highgrove Florilegium. He received the first printed and bound copy of Volume One- set number 1/175 in Spring 2008 and the first copy of Volume Two in Spring 2009.

All royalties from sales of the publication go to The Prince's Charities Foundation. This Foundation enables The Prince of Wales to give his support to a wide range of causes and projects by making charitable donations. Established by The Prince of Wales in 1979, the Foundation was known as The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation until 2006.

The Prince's Charities Foundation is partly funded by the profits of Duchy Originals, the food company which The Prince launched in 1992. The Duchy Originals Group donates all profits to The Prince’s Charities Foundation. Further income is derived from the Foundation’s other trading companies and the royalties from the sale of lithographs of The Prince of Wales’s watercolours, from charitable donations, from retail sales at the Highgrove Shop, from books written by His Royal Highness, such as “The Garden at Highgrove” and other fund-raising activities.

The Prince's Charities Foundation receives various requests for assistance, which are considered on a regular basis by the trustees. Donations are made from the Foundation to charitable causes across the United Kingdom and overseas.  More than 180 charities benefited from the £22million donated by The Prince's Charities Foundation in the year 2007 to 2008. Donations are made to a wide range of charities including organisations working with environmental issues, health and hospices, community and welfare, education and training, heritage and the built environment and charities supporting
servicemen and women.

HRH Prince of Wales with The Highgrove Florilegium

The Prince receiving Volume One of The Highgrove Florilegium at Highgrove in 2008.



































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